Sounding board

Sounding board

Our Sounding Board manager assistance programme provides leaders with a channel to discuss problems, evaluate solutions and sense check situations as and when required, ultimately supporting them by developing a range of leadership skills.

Our approach

Underpinned by a variety of professionals including HR advisers, organisational psychologists and wellbeing specialists, Sounding Board is there to support your managers, leaders and supervisors when issues arise, such as:

  • Addressing workplace or team conflict
  • Dealing with employee mental health concerns
  • Performance management
  • Organisational change processes

Organisational Benefits

  • Improves workplace relationships and communication, ultimately delivering increased team effectiveness.
  • Addresses workload, work process and work structure issues in order to achieve improved productivity.
  • Builds awareness and skills in respect to inclusion and diversity.

Personal Benefits

  • Provides individual team leaders with the support they need to manage emotionally charged situations, support their team through traumatic events and deal with performance management issues.

  • Builds life-long skills that can be used both at work and in personal life.

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