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Senior Consultant 

Sarah Harmer

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

An experienced Organisational Development Consultant.

Sarah has a background in workplace wellbeing, HR, training, leadership coaching, change management, employment relations and performance management.  She has developed and facilitated Leadership Development Programmes across both the public and private sector.

Her unique combination of qualifications and experience in health, psychology and HR has enabled Sarah to work with many New Zealand organisations across the public and private sector in building healthier workplaces.

She has extensive knowledge with helping teams work better together by having them develop an understanding of one another’s strengths and differences.  This helps build understanding, respect and efficiency among team members.

Sarah has also helped leaders have meaningful conversation with their staff through coaching conversations in order to improve performance and helped coach leaders to improve their own performance.

She is currently studying a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and has completed studies in:

  • Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology and a minor in Human Resources Management
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator certified
  • Corporate Coach U Certified
  • Qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

Sarah has an interest in building psychologically healthy workplaces; developing caring and compassionate leaders and resilient, supportive and effective teams.  She brings a wide range of technical knowledge in workplace well-being and organisational development including:

  • Sleep and fatigue management.
  • Building resilient teams.
  • Dealing with trauma, stress and mental illness in the workplace.
  • Measuring well-being and engagement.
  • Building a workplace environment in which people thrive.

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