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Effective leaders don’t just get things done themselves, they enlist their team to be effective, too – often, without even asking them.

Being an inspiring leader isn’t just about having a stash of great soundbites or a listening ear. It is about setting a powerful example, and then empowering others to emulate it. Whether you want to lift your team’s performance or encourage a client to invest in your business, inspiring action is about cutting a figure people are attracted to – and can see themselves in. From Simon Sinek to Brene Brown, global leaders encourage others by focusing on the ‘why’ instead of the ‘how’ or ‘what’.


Be the change you want to see

You really need to live and breathe what you do in order to be the change maker. People will be inspired by your enthusiasm. A great Kiwi example of this are Malcolm and Melanie Rands from ecostore. When they set up the business in 1994, they made a conscious decision that they weren’t selling cleaning and household products, they were selling conscious health and environmental change. When people buy washing up liquid from ecostore they aren’t buying something that cleans their plates – they are buying into the future of humanity. Malcolm and Melanie continue to live the ‘why’ of ecostore even today, six years after they sold the business. They always have been and continue to be the real deal. There is no way of faking genuine passion and drive.


Build those connections

Success flies in on the coat tails of genuine connection. People feel drawn to leaders, that is something all well-known leaders have in common. It’s because they take the time to get to know you, to understand your problem professionally, and to find shared space personally.  Managers who are out of touch with their teams, or even their clients, and who are working to a set professional goal will inevitably not inspire the action they so need among others. Take a moment to understand the people around you, and let them see who you really are, and then you can move forward cohesively.


Be a raving fan

Great leaders aren’t out for themselves, they use themselves as a platform for the success of the team, or other individuals. Listen actively, feedback constructively and involve everyone in decision making. Don’t just give people a sense of ownership, give them real ownership and celebrate


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