Boardroom Training and Development

Boardroom Training and Development

We are exclusively licensed to deliver the Sirdar boardroom development solutions. 

Sirdar navigates the way to business growth through boardroom performance.

The Sirdar integrated board approach is delivered through advisory services, governance, evaluations, assessments, appointments, and the continuous upskilling and education of directors.

Sirdar guides a practical, invested approach to create meaningful economic impact.

The Guide, Appoint, and Educate solutions make Sirdar the invested boardroom partner in New Zealand.




Sirdar navigates your unique journey of improved boardroom performance through practical advisory and governance services. Sirdar partners with you to ensure good governance and impactful results by providing:

  • Company secretarial services
  • Board advisory
  • Board diagnostics
  • Board evaluation


We deliver Sirdar’s practical, relevant learning programmes that are focused on building director and board-level skills through experience. After all, education and experience keeps one relevant in the ever-changing governance landscape.

High Performance Board Workshop

This workshop has been specifically designed as an introduction for an executive or a non-executive to understand their role as a director on a board and the practical requirements for maximising a board’s contribution. For those with existing board experience, this workshop will deepen your understanding and clarify the path ahead.

Applied Directorship Programme

Our hands-on 11-month learning experience is designed to enable you to become a high-performing director. Being a director is not about theoretical knowledge, it is about understanding your role and effectively applying it. Our process is designed to support you to do this through the principles of gamification, simulated boardroom discussions, and practical feedback.

Bespoke Board Programmes

Many clients choose to have bespoke programmes designed based on their unique needs. Using the Sirdar Governance Compass and the Sirdar Management Compass as a foundation, these programmes aim to support elevating your board and business.


We identify and appoint board members by balancing unique boardroom dynamics, values, expertise and natural energy. The Sirdar Appoint solutions include:

  • Appointment diagnostic
  • Board appointment
  • Sirdar director network
  • Board member search
  • Advertise for a non-executive director
  • Non-executive director opportunities

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